Supporting International Student Mental Health in University Transitions

No moment is perhaps as significant in the life of an international school secondary student as when they bid farewell to their school and embark on an exciting journey to universities abroad. It’s a time of profound change — a new school, new friends, altered living arrangements, and an increased demand for independence. This transition is both thrilling and demanding, requiring meticulous planning to ensure success. One key quality that becomes paramount during this period is adaptability....

November 12, 2023 · 5 min

Leren Leuker Maken

Leren Leuker Maken is a Dutch website I started in 2018 as a place to share free resources to support teachers, SENCOs and school leaders.

Time Sampling Form

The Time Sampling Form is a free, open source tool I’m currently developing in Godot 4, with the source code available on GitHub. The purpose of the Time Sampling Form is to provide SENCOs with a quick measure to conduct a timed observation for on-task and off-task behaviours. These observations can then be discussed with the teacher to help build a more bias-free overview of how a learner is conducting themselves in their class....

Blogdown Shortcodes

A selection of shortcodes I scripted in R for use on my blogdown websites. These provide: A simple download manager (using a central .csv file as a database) A simple Pinterest manager (giving me an easy way of updating Pinterest images) A simple quotation manager (giving me an easy way, similar to the Pinterest manager, of displaying images with quotes) All shortcodes are currently in use on my Dutch education website Leren Leuker Maken....


Fhaloness is an ongoing hobby project to create an Adventure-RPG hybrid game. After starting development in Adventure Game Studio, I released the prologue back in 2021. I’m currently trying to build it into a larger game using Godot. Fhaloness by HobbesHK Related to Fhaloness, back in 2003 I released my first short game called Buccanneer. My current ambition is to integrate this story into Fhaloness. Buccaneer by HobbesHK