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In the world of Erdien, in the land of Matricia, step into the shoes of Fabian, a young Fhaldir (druid) as he needs to unravel a deadly mystery in his own home…

The game was created as part of a monthly adventure game competition in 2021. Due to the tight deadline, the game’s quite short but introduces the key issue and instigating incident within the world of Erdien. This leaves space for a potential sequel…

How to play

If you want to play the game in your browser (instead of downloading), click the button below. The game’s also hosted on itch.io for you to download.

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Below some small comments other players have left about the game so far:

A great start for a great adventure in a fantasy world.
selmiak, AGS Forums
This was a fun little game.
michael2968, AGS Forums
Interesting and atmospheric short fantasy game.
heltenjon, AGS Forums