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Amsterdam, 1627. You play as Richard McRoch, a retired Buccaneer who’s been given permission to set up as a trader in the Netherlands. One morning, Richard wakes up and finds his manifests have gone missing…

The game was created back in the summer of 2003 as part of a Monthly Adventure Game competition. Therefore it’s quite short, but managed to receive quite some positive feedback on its character design and story. I enthusiastically set out to create a sequel, but unfortunately, never managed to do so…

Where to play

If you want to play the game in your browser (instead of downloading), click the button below. The game’s also hosted on itch.io for you to download.

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Below some small comments other players have left about the game so far:

Buccaneer is a brilliant piece of writing. Although it is very short and easy the character development is astonishing and it builds to the most unexpectedly poignant climax. It looks very nice and the dialogue contains both humourous and serious aspects. I sincerely hope Buccaneer 2 will eventually appear and maybe provide us with a longer glimpse into this world without compromising the spot-on tone of the first game.
madmanmunt, AGS Forums
Short and sweet and very, very pleasant to play.
redruM, AGS Forums